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[Chorus: Katt Rockell]
Don’t you let them steal away your magic
Hold it close
And don’t you let it go
Close your eyes and you will find your magic
It’s there inside your soul
Your magic

[Verse 1: Tedashii]
When your alone you feel no shame
Like you could do anything
But when everyone’s around, cord kord chord Tedashii - Magic lyrics kunci gitar your feelings not the same
Cause they judge and say things, that only bring blame
So you hide inside the lie, but you wishing for a change
Being who you have to be for those who have to be
Yeah your friends till’ the end if you pretend and mislead
You smile in their face, and then frown behind their back
Yeah mad at the world, and you tired of the flack
So you keep up, the need of, pleasing other people
Feeling insecure
Unsure who really needs ya’
Questioning your efficient
How you look
What you wear
Ashamed of who you are
It’s hard for you to care
You just want approval
Carrying the weight, of being overweight and out of shape and feeling out of place
What happens to the magic?
Excitement comes and passes
Tragic that it’s hard
So from the bottom of my heart
I say

[Chorus: Katt Rockell]

[Verse 2: Tedashii]
Your beautiful
Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise
A vision of precision
Don’t you listen to them other guys
Down to tell another lie
Bound to leave you traumatized
Down to side, the worst feeling
Wishing for another life
Customized, body if a model they would fondle
Instead of being thick like a novel
Read between the lines
Staring at your magazines, and wishing that was you
So your wearing half them pair O’ chords Tedashii - Magic lyrics lyrics jeans, and lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Tedashii - Magic lyrics download mp3 wishing for the shoes
Cause you just want to fit
Fit in, fit them, fit clothes, and be fit, but I say forget them
There’s more to you than looks, but with your outlook
It’s hard to see
You need a new pair of eyes to see
You can hardly see
Your the best you’ll ever
They’ll never, be another you
You were made special
Don’t you settle for a substitute
Easier said than done
But it’s so worth it
So tell em’ at the end you’ve been changed
It’s worthless

[Chorus x2]

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